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Giant microphone


Main Frame Size                               EIA STANDARD 2/1 U
Channels                                           Single Channel
Frequency Stability                            ±0.0005%, Phase Lock Loop frequency control
Carrier Frequency Range                  UHF 730-790MHz
Modulation Mode                               FM
Operating Range                               50M typical ( in open space)
Oscillation                                          PLL synthesized
Sensitivity                                          5dBμV, S/N>60dB at 25 deviation
Band Width                                        60MHz
S/N                                                    >108dB
T.H.D.                                               <0.4% @ 1KHz
Integrated Frequency Response       65Hz~18KHz ± 3dB
Power Supply                                    100-240V AC50/60 Hz, 10W
Carrier Frequency Range                  UHF 730-790MHz
Oscillation                                          PLL synthesized
Harmonic radiation                           <-63dBm
Bandwidth                                         60MHz
Max.Deviation Range                       ±45KHz
Microphone Element                        Cardioid Dynamic
RF Power Output                              8mW /15mW (Selectable)
Battery                                              AA X 2
Current Consumption                       90mA

The diameter of the main part of the microphone is 12 cm, the diameter of the mesh head is 16.5 cm, and the minimum of the tail pipe is 9 cm.
The microphone is 102 cm in length and 12 kg in weight.
The pitch angle is - 15 degrees - 60 degrees, the height is 85 - 170cm adjustable, and the horizontal direction can rotate 360 degrees.
The support rod landed 120 cm high and weighed 2.2 kg.
The chassis is 52 cm in diameter and 14.5 kg in weight.

Function Description:
Full version: Connect the sound to sing and speak normally.
Display version: There are no brackets or other accessories for microphone assemblies, which can only be used for display and decoration.