XMY-812 - Wireless Microphone- Wireless Microphone

XMY-812 Wireless Microphone

200 UHF frequency points can be selected, antenna diversity anti-jamming operation.
All transmitter bodies are ergonomically designed for a comfortable grip.
With automatic frequency binding function, as long as you press the SEND button of the hand microphone, the transmitter can automatically and accurately lock the working frequency of the receiver immediately
The stable PLL phase-locked oscillation circuit, combined with the "noise detection" mute control function, can effectively block the noisy radio frequency interference of computer equipment, karaoke machines and DVDs in the environment.
Adopt international standard 1/2U chassis, with bright LCD liquid crystal display panel.
Battery life is twice as long as ordinary microphones.
This series is specially designed for high-end KTV venues. It has the strongest functions and the most stable characteristics, and can obtain the most satisfactory performance effects in various complex environments.
Chassis specification: EIA standard 1/2U
Number of channel groups: dual channel
Frequency stability: ± 0.005%, PLL phase-locked loop frequency control
Carrier frequency band: UHF 610-670MHz
Modulation method: FM
Effective working distance: generally 50 meters (open space)
Oscillation mode: PLL phase-locked frequency synthesis
Sensitivity: 5dBμV, S/N>60dB at 25 deviation
Frequency bandwidth: 60MHz
Total Harmonic Distortion: <0.4% @ 1KHz
Comprehensive frequency response: 65Hz~18KHz ± 3dB
Power supply: DC12V 1A
Carrier frequency band: UHF 610-670 MHz
Oscillation mode: PPL phase-locked frequency synthesis
Harmonic radiation: <-63dBm
Frequency bandwidth: 60 MHz
Maximum deviation range: ±45kHz
Microphone mode: capacitive (head wear / lavalier), dynamic (handheld), heart-shaped pointing
RF power output: 8mW; 8mW/15mW (optional)
Battery: AAX2
Current Consumption: 110mA
Battery current/life: about 8 hours